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Valery Serdyuk

The eye iris structure is intelligibly popularized in the book. A new classification of the iris types and markers is presented. A detailed description of the human body internal parts and functional systems as they are projected to the iris is included. The numerous coloured pictures are also included.

The book is intended for the medical workers of all educational levels and for those who are interested in non-traditional medicine.

Valery Serdyuk

The author have been studying the eye iris on iridological diagnostics of the urological diseases, defended the only one in the world), Chairman of the Board, the Belarusian Iridology Association, an acting member of Atlantic-Euro- Mediterranean Academy of Medical Sciences (AEM AMS), the member of the AEM AMS Sponsor's Council.

Vladimir Bondarchuk

A mysterious link between the internal human body parts and constellations revealed through an eyeball iris is presented in the book for the first time. The iridological and astrological maps are described in detail. The projection zones on the eyeball iris which are related to the internal body parts with regard to each zodiac sign are defined, resepctively. An individual predisposition to a disease development with reference to each zodiac sign is described. The ways of prophylaxis of disease development are specified. The numerous coloured pictures are included.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers.

Bondarchuk, Vladimir Alexandrovich

Iridologist, phytotherapist, Member of the Board, the Belarusian Iridology Association, an acting member of Atlantic-Euro-Mediterranean Academy of Medical Sciences (AEM AMS)

Valery Serdyuk

Why there has been an adage from the times of antiquity, which is saying:" The eyes are a mirror of the soul "? But why there has been no saying " The eyes are a mirror of the physical condition of a human body "? Why are the markers appearing on an eye iris in case of any disorder or trouble with one body part or another? Why are these markers different? One may ask many "Whys?" about this matter and may find the answers to all these many "Whys?" in this book.

The peculiarities of alteration of an eye iris under external and internal influence on the human body are set forth in a clear way in the book. The issues pertaining to aetiology and pathogenesis of the markers related to various internal body part diseases, which occur on the iris are considered in detail. The diagnostics of acute and chronic diseases by means of the iris is comprehensively described. The recommendations for disease development prevention are given. The numerous coloured pictures are included.

The book is intended for the doctors of all lines of specialty, the secondary-level trained medical workers and people who are concerned about their health.

Valery Serdyuk

This publication is a sequel to the author’s book " ASTROLOGICAL IRIDOLOGY ".

The impact of time on a human body is laid out in a popular and new way. The similarity of the astrological map, an East or Chinese horoscope (known as The Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs), the solar system with reference to the iridological map is described in detail. An astrological month and year as per the Chinese Calendar (the Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs) and a solar system planet corresponding to a projection zone of each internal body part depicted on the eyeball iris is revealed.

The issues related to the human health, which depends on one’s birth date and year during one’s whole life is considered from a new point of view. A technique to define one’s predisposition to disease occurrence independently is described. The exact time throughout the day for treatment of each body part is determined. The natural medicinal preparations to prevent diseases are indicated.
The numerous coloured pictures are included.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers